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Offset and digital printing section:
Printing is very important stage to reach with the design to its complete maturity and showing its charming, we always pursue with a steady steps to the high quality to give a good looking view to the design and complete it and will be has endly a printing advertising tool it will attractive the client and happened the waned effect for it, therefore we choice the machines it will print the design to be the newest and the best quality machines, so care all different printing steps to reach with the printed design to needs target. New print that distinguished by quality, speed and saving, with digital printing you can print any prints in a short time and with high quality, also with the quality you need.

Professional design section:
Our design section has a big share in our interests for its magical touch that can reach with the advertising message to the top of success, we cares in our design to introduce all the new ways to reach the advertising message to saving the tools with we the client with attractive and simply easy way, and this is requires from us to have a high standard artistic designers, also we can introduce a complete artistic work it will happy our clients and introduce its advertising message with an attractive and powerful picture.

In & out door poster section:
Service we introduce it among our different services.
It depend on receiving the advertising message in opened places with a big sizes, like the stands that found in a big square, football stadiums, over bridges, on roof top and its used in fairs and conferences.
We have a printing on all crudes with sizes until 5 meters on newest machines on crudes (banner- venel-flex-glossy paper) with high quality and very competitive prices.

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